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Recital Hall
Room 235/237
Room 211
Conference Room
Room 144
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Words of Woody - Singing His Songs

Wanda Degen
Songs of the Beatles

Jim Hall and
Cindy Morgan
Songs of Peace, Protest, & Social Justice

Catherine Ellis, Rachel Alexander, Alma Muxlow
Spontaneous Folk Ensemble
Bring an instrument, Sing your favorite songs, as you go.

Mark Dvorak

Spoken Word: Telling a Good Story

Claudia Schmidt and Ruelaine Stokes
Songs of the People

Seth Bernard and Josh Davis
Classic Rock

Barb Barton
Songs of Tom Lehrer

Howard Heideman and pianist David Zin
Songwriting Tips

Joel Mabus
Crossing the Border: Songs in Spanish and English

Miguel Cabanas
and Sally Potter
Spontaneous Folk Ensemble
A favorite Singing Festival workshop.

Mark Dvorak
Songs of the 70s

An encore presentation by Julie Beutel
Festival Choir
Rachel Alexander
2:45 - 4:45 pm

The Festival Choir - a highlight of the Signing Festival! Rachel Alexander, director. Claudia Schmidt, special guest on her song, "Blessing." Choir will learn two songs in two hours, and then perform them at the beginning of the second set on Saturday night. Everyone is invited to become a member!
Amplify your acoustic instrument

Joel Mabus

Each year, we bring back some old favorites, and add the energy of some new folks.

Doesn't this lineup look like a great afternoon of singing?

That's it! 14 workshops for one $10 wristband. (All students and kids 18 and under are free - just stop by the desk and pick up a wristband.)

(Yes, we increased the price of the afternoon workshop wristbands from $5. to $10. In the past, the two evening Community Sings partially subsidized the workshops. We made this move because Festival costs have gone up, because we wanted to keep tickets prices for the Friday and Saturday evening Community Sings as cheap as possible, and because we wanted to allow all school kids and college students (the next generation of singers and players) to attend the workshops free. Thanks for your understanding.)

2007 Festival Workshop

Ten Pound Fiddle Concert Series
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