Summer, 2011

"A Community Sings" - 60 minute Video produced by WKAR

Winter, 2009

Singing festival proves powerful in E.L. - Article and Audio from The State News

Winter, 2008

Shared Song, Communal Memory - Video and Article from the New York Times

Winter, 2004

Homemade Jam - Excerpts from Sing Out! Article by Bob Blackman

Summer, 2004

Kidsbeat - Excerpts from Sing Out! Article by Sally Rogers

December, 2006

Who, What, When, Where & Why - Founder Sally Potter answers some common questions about the Mid-Winter Singing Festival

January, 2004

Why a Singing Festival? by Elaine Yaw

Summer, 2003

Midwest Folk Quarterly Magazine - Interview Excerp with Joel Mabus

March, 2003

Mid-Winter Singing Festival Article by Russ Franzen

March, 2003

A View from the Seats by Mary Postellon

January, 2003

Adapted verse of How Can I Keep from Singing? by Joel Mabus

January, 2003

2003 Program Notes by Bob Blackman

January, 2003

Singing Festival: ‘Open up the pipes and let it fly’ by Isabella J. Rowen

Ten Pound Fiddle Concert Series
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