Jean Chorazyczewski and Lori Fithian

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Jean Chorazyczewski and Lori Fithian

Jean Chorazyczewski has played piano and accordion since childhood, and more recently added the uke bass to her bag of musical tricks. Her professional career has included marketing, website design, non-profit work in the food accessibility world, and now back to organizational training in the computer/internet realm. Her passion has always been music, though, so she plays piano, bass or percussion whenever she can.

Lori Fithian is usually the one with all the drums, hosting her "Drummunity!" programs all over the state. Formally trained as a french horn player, self-taught on world percussion, drums, guitar, uke and other random instruments, she loves singing and playing music with all kinds of people - preferably in stress-free, fun events!  Currently a self-employed traveling drum circle facilitator, she has worked as an artist, picture framer, gallery manager, and in graphics/outreach at a food co-op.

Jean and Lori have played together since 2003 or so, and accompany/lead the "Gaia Women of the Great Lakes Basin" a choir that connects around the environment and the music of Carolyn McDade. (Yes - ask them about it!) Inspired by the Fiddle's monthly sings, they have created their own local monthly sing down in Ann Arbor, called "Folk Song Jam Along", where anyone can join in playing as well as singing. Also, along with various other musical friends and family, they host an annual Winter Solstice Sing-along. They were part of this festival a few years ago, offering the FSJA workshop and joining in the festival choir, and are glad to be back!!




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