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2020 Mid-Winter Singing & Folk Festival
Workshop Schedule

Saturday, February 1. Lyric sheets provided. One wristband, good for all workshops, is only $10.
All college students w/ID and kids 18 and under are free, just stop by the desk and pick up a wristband.

Wristbands will be on sale at the Hannah Center, beginning at 10 am, Saturday morning.
(We will not sell out of wristbands; there is plenty of workshop room for everyone.)

Download and print the workshop grid.

Banquet Room
Room 235
Auditorium/ On Stage

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Scroll down for more info about each workshop.


FREE Children's

by Mark Dvorak

Sponsored by
The City of East Lansing




Nostalgic Hellos
and Goodbyes 

The Catbird Seat
Wanda Degen &
Kay Rinker-O'Neil

Fantastic Four Chord Magic: Play (Almost) Every Song in the World

Ukuleles and other
instruments welcome!

Ben Hassenger




Spontaneous Folk Ensemble

Instruments welcome!

Mark Dvorak

Songwriting Part One: Mostly Lyrics

Joel Mabus

American Standards

Sarah Elizabeth Wallace, with accompanist Dan Chouinard

4:00 or 4:30

The Songs of Ireland

Kitty Donohoe

Songwriting Part Two: Mostly Music

Joel Mabus

Festival Choir (3-4:30)

Director Rachel Alexander. with accompanist Dan Chouinard

"Lord, Give Me Just A Little More Time," by Albert Brumley, arranged SATB by Derrick Fox

Participants learn this piece and sing it during the Saturday evening Community Sing.



11 – 11:45 am

FREE Children’s Concert with Chicago’s Mark Dvorak

Mark is a veteran of the festival, often sharing his talents on the main stage, always in workshops, and frequently for the annual Children’s show. He is one of the best Children’s performers in the business. Concert sponsored by the City of East Lansing.  (Banquet Room)

12:20 – 1:20 pm

“Nostalgic Hellos and Goodbyes”

Wanda Degen and Kay Rinker O’Neil will lead a wide variety of songs which capture the sentiment of arriving or departing. Lyric sheets provided.  (Banquet Room)

“Fantastic Four Chord Magic:
Play (Almost) Every Song In The World”

Ben Hassenger will show participants the secrets of four-chord songs, complete with projected music, chords and lyrics. Ukuleles and other instruments are welcome! (Room 235)

1:40 – 2:40 pm

“Spontaneous Folk Ensemble”

Each year, Mark Dvorak weaves his musical ensemble magic with folks in the room. All play and sing, at each person’s level, to create a harmonious sound that wraps each in the communal spirit of the hour. Instruments welcome! (Banquet Room)

“American Standards”

Sarah Elizabeth Wallace is an opera singer by training yet also loves to sing the Great American Songbook. With accompanist Dan Chouinard, Sarah will lead singers through American Standards, including “Tonight,” “Fascinating Rhythm,” “Once Upon a Dream,” and “Summertime.” Lyric sheets provided. (On Stage, Auditorium)

“Songwriting Part One: Mostly Lyrics”

Accomplished songwriter and community member, Joel Mabus will present two, one-hour workshops surrounding the art of writing songs. Part one will involve ‘mostly lyrics.’ (Room 235)

3 – 4 pm

“Songwriting Part Two: Mostly Music”

Joel Mabus continues his exploration into songwriting, this time, surrounding ‘mostly music.’ (It is not necessary to attend Part One to participate in Part Two.) (Room 235)

“Songs of Ireland”

Irish American and Michigan native Kitty Donohoe has collected her favorite Irish songs and will share them with her Mid-Michigan friends and fans. Lyric sheets provided. (Banquet Room)

“Festival Choir” (3 – 4:30 pm)

Director Rachel Alexander, with accompanist Dan Chouinard, will lovingly guide all-comers through an SATB arrangement of, “Lord, Give Me Just A Little More Time.” (Albert E. Brumley, arranged by Derrick Fox) Participants learn this piece and sing it during the Saturday evening Community Sing. (On Stage, Auditorium)

Each year, we bring back some old favorites,
and add the energy of some new folks.

2007 Festival Workshop


Ten Pound Fiddle Concert Series
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