2019 Mid-Winter Singing & Folk Festival
Workshop Schedule

Saturday, February 2. Lyric sheets provided. One wristband, good for all workshops, is only $20.
All college students w/ID and kids 18 and under are free, just stop by the desk and pick up a wristband.

Wristbands will be on sale at the Hannah Center, beginning at 10 am, Saturday morning.
(We will not sell out of wristbands; there is plenty of workshop room for everyone.)


Banquet Room
Room 235
Conference Room
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FREE Children's

by Sally Rogers

Sponsored by
The City of East Lansing




“The Moon and
the Stars”

Gazing at the night sky has captured many a songwriter’s imagination throughout time. Wanda & Kay will lead an eclectic mix of over a dozen favorites that span the decades. With a focus on vocals - harmonies demonstrated & encouraged.

The Catbird Seat
Wanda Degen &
Kay Rinker-O'Neil



A discussion that will focus on what I call “cinematic songwriting”, emotional honesty, fighting cliche and abstraction and courting the muse in the day-to-day drudgery of life.

Joshua Davis


Uke 101

For the beginning ukulele player just getting started on the ukulele. Learn the basics, including: parts of the instrument, tuning, beginning chords, and simple songs to get you used to chording and strumming. Bring your own uke or borrow one of our loaners.

Ben Hassenger


FolkSong Jam-Along

We’ll put the lyrics and chords up on the screen - you can join the band for this sing-along, on any instrument! We’ll bring our list of 300+ songs, you get to choose which ones we’ll play! Anything from ‘Aura Lee’ to ‘Moon River’ to ‘Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!’ Beginning players more than welcome!!!

Lori Fithian
Jean Chorasyczewski


Finding the Healing Music of Poetry

Claudia and Ruelaine will guide participants through activities that demonstrate the power of poetry to promote wholeness, deeper insight into the human condition, and a healing compassion for oneself and others.

Claudia Schmidt
Ruelaine Stokes


Discovering the Cure for
the Common Chord

A workshop with Joel Mabus for guitar & ukulele.
What are the common chords?  Any major, minor and regular old seventh (aka dominant seventh).  These are the chords we first learn.  You can play lots of songs with C, F, G7 or G, C, D7 or D, G, A7.  Maybe Am, Dm, E7.  Common chords -- hundreds of songs use them.  But if those common chords are the only ones you ever use, you are missing out!  Just by moving a finger – or sometimes just lifting a finger – you can add color, texture, and depth to your songs.   Yes, you can learn songs out of a book and forget it next Tuesday, but once you discover a new chord, you’ve got a friend for life. 

Joel Mabus


Country Classics

Hank, Patsy, Johnny and more! Country classics sing-along with Mary Sue and Roger.
Lyrics will be provided.

Drive South
Mary Sue Wilkinson
and Roger Brown



Songs of Love & Heartbreak

Ukulele Group Strum and Sing just in time for Valentine’s Day, this fun strum and sing will focus on songs that explore the range of the agony and ecstasy of love and relationships. Songs will range from the easy to more difficult and will be projected on a large screen for everyone to play and sing along with.

Download Chord Sheets

Ben Hassenger

Each year, we bring back some old favorites, and add the energy of some new folks.

2007 Festival Workshop


Ten Pound Fiddle Concert Series
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