2018 Mid-Winter Singing & Folk Festival
Workshop Schedule

Saturday, February 3. Lyric sheets provided. One wristband, good for all workshops, is only $20.
All college students w/ID and kids 18 and under are free, just stop by the desk and pick up a wristband.

Wristbands will be on sale at the Hannah Center, beginning at 10 am, Saturday morning.
(We will not sell out of wristbands; there is plenty of workshop room for everyone.)


Banquet Room
Room 235
Conference Room
(Old Time) Room 211
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FREE Children's

by Cathy Fink &
Marcy Marxer


Sponsored by
The City of East Lansing


A Conversation
with Tom Paxton

Hosted by
Bob Blackman


Participants will have the opportunity to play and learn with some of America’s most respected old time musicians. Join Bruce Molsky (fiddle), Allison de Groot (clawhammer banjo) and Stash Wyslouch (guitar) for hands-on old time music workshops.


Folk Ensemble

A Singing Festival Favorite! Instruments welcome! But not necessary.

Mark Dvorak

Guitar in Open D
Tuning - With or
Without a Slide

We’ll spend an hour with the guitar tuned to one specific open tuning: DADF#AD
“Open D” tuning, meaning that when you strum all open strings, you play a D major chord. Bluesmen of old call this “Sevastopol” tuning, and it is a favorite for “bottleneck” slide guitar and also for fretted playing. Mississippi John Hurt and Richie Havens used it extensively. It is pretty easy to play songs in the key of D in this tuning – and we will do a few. But we will focus on tips and techniques in fretting chords, barre chords, and also introducing using a slide on a finger of your left hand – bring ‘em if you got ‘em.

Joel Mabus

Become One
With the
Uke Strum

Learning to play a variety of strums makes your playing more interesting to you and your audience. We'll explore folk, calypso, rock, polka, ska, and reggae strums along with the incredibly versatile "Benstrum" using some of your favorite songs.
(Confident Beginner level)

Ben Hassenger

Old Time

Explore a couple of fiddle tunes to uncover some of the magic that makes old-time fiddling unique and powerful.

Bruce Molksy


Songs in the Civil Rights Movement

Matt Watroba
and Robert Jones

Love Sings!

Songs of love and heartbreak

May Erlewine

All Love Songs,
except one

Ukulele Workshop/Strum

Frank Youngman

Old Time

Allison’s musical voice is precise and beautifully phrased. She will guide
students through making variations on a tune with rhythmic and melodic ideas.

Allison de Groot



Lyrics and chords projected on
a screen, so strummers, beginners and experts will be singing and playing - TOGETHER!!! Instruments welcome but not necessary.

Lori Fithian &
Jean Chorasyczewski

Dream a
Little Dream

Songs include: Dream a Little Dream; All I Have to do is Dream; Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream; California Dreaming and many others.

Wanda Degen and Kay Rinker-O'Neil

Like a Rolling Uke: Dylan for the Ukulele

Bob Dylan is unquestionably one of the greatest writers of our time and this strum will cover a wide range of his songs. Added bonus - learn to sing like Dylan!

Songs are posted here. Download them and print or store on your tablet. (They will also projected on a screen.)

The Ukulele Kings

Old Time

Stash’s guitar playing is simply like no other, and his approach to old time
music is rich with new and old ideas. He’ll guide students through some very cool chord accompaniment, bass runs, and how to bring the tunes alive.

Stash Wyslouch

Each year, we bring back some old favorites, and add the energy of some new folks.

2007 Festival Workshop

That's it! 12 workshops and a Conversation with Tom Paxton for one $20 wristband.
All college students w/ID and kids 18 and under are free,
just stop by the desk and pick up a wristband.


Ten Pound Fiddle Concert Series
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