The Fabulous Heftones

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Who are The Fabulous Heftones?
The duo consists of Brian Hefferan and Lynn Hershberger Hefferan.
This is truly a case where one plus one is more than merely two!

Brian has been known in the Lansing area for many years as a fine instrumentalist (primarily on ukulele and banjo).

Lynn was a classically-trained singer "in a previous life" but has always loved the sweet, love-infused songs that were so common to generations before hers.

The two met in the mid-1990's, fell in love, and the music was born!
It's as perfect a love story as you might hear, in harmony both on and off the stage.

The Fabulous Heftones issued their first recording together in May of 2004. Entitled Moon June Spoon, the CD illustrates a love story, told in fifteen songs. All of the music for the album was written from 1900 to 1922.

The couple's second album, In the Garden, was released in October of 2005. It features 1920's songs about flowers and gardens. In addition, Brian has released five solo CD's. 


Moon, June, Spoon / 3-4 pm
Early 1900's popular music, primarily love songs. By the Light of the Silvery Moon, April Showers, For Me and My Gal, Paper Moon and more.
Brought to you by the most romantic act in Lansing, The Fabulous Heftones. Brian plays Ukulele, Lynn plays Heftone bass. This duo will sing, whistle, and kazoo their way into your heart with these sentimental favorites.

Ten Pound Fiddle Concert Series
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