Ruelaine Stokes

Ruelaine Stokes is a poet, photographer and teacher based in the Lansing area. She specializes in poetry as a performance art and serves as the coordinator of the Old Town Poetry Series, one of the hottest poetry venues in Mid-Michigan. At Michigan State University, she works as a specialist teaching students from around the world the rhythm and tonal qualities of English. One of Lansing's favorite poets,she loves the music in language and believes that voice is a powerful ally in life. Together with Claudia Schmidt, singer & storyteller extraordinaire, Ruelaine will help you bring natural energy and confidence into your voice at the "Giving Life to the Spoken Word" workshop.


Giving Life to the Spoken Word / 12:20 to 1:20
Want to make words jump off the page, stand up and shout? This workshop will show you how to infuse a poem, story or speech with vital energy, how to catch and hold the attention of your audience. Together, poet Ruelaine Stokes and singer/storyteller Claudia Schmidt will teach basic oral performance techniques that will bring a jolt of authentic soul power and verbal magic into any spoken word performance. This workshop will be interactive and allow participants to practice a variety of spoken word techniques. Fun!

Ten Pound Fiddle Concert Series
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