Miguel Cabañas

Born in Spain, Miguel Cabañas comes from a family of piano teachers and singers. After 5 years of studying classical piano in the Salamanca Conservatory, he took up guitar and singing. His musical training is eclectic: He has performed in formal choirs (such as the University of Salamanca’s), Barbershop a cappella groups (such as the Colby 8 at Colby College) and rock bands in his home town. He is also professor of Latin American Literature and Culture at Michigan State University.





Songs in Spanish / 11 - noon

In the workshop, we will experience the richness of Spanish-Speaking musical traditions. We will learn some basic Spanish pronunciation, and learn the harmonies and rhythms of popular songs in Spanish such as “Guantanamera,” “Viva la gente,” “Somos el barco,” “Eres tú,” “Gracias a la vida,” “Te recuerdo, Amanda.” These songs from Spain and Latin America tell stories of people’s hopes and sorrows, their dreams and experiences.


Ten Pound Fiddle Concert Series
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