Bob Rentschler

Bob Rentschler is a faculty member retired from many years in lifelong education programs at MSU. He lives with his wife, Marilyn, in the old gravel pits of Meridian Township, since tidied up This, after scattering three children and 4 grandchildren around the country.

He leads an eclectic life in retirement Known as 'bibity bob' the clown, Bob carries kites and giant bubble buckets around in his Toyota, just in case. He also plays the bones, spoons, and washboards when others will have him; such as the Pretty Shakey Stringband.

Volunteer time is spent at Loaves and Fishes, Radio Talking Books, and Edgewood United Church. He is the self-appointed Litter Bearer of his pristine Hidden Lake Drives area.

Bob enjoys sharing his poetry at Poets' Night at the Creole Gallery in North Lansing where he serves often as host of the Open Mike readings. His most recent series of poems is 'The Peace Train' based on the Burma Shave roadside signs of times past.

He believes that poetry is the most complete art; its literacy, architecture, and music needing to be read, seen, and heard in order for one to approach that ever-expectant ecstatic poetic moment.

Peace . .


Giving Life to the Spoken Word / 2:40 to 4:20
Want to make words jump off the page, stand up and shout? This workshop will show you how to infuse a poem, story or speech with vital energy, how to catch and hold the attention of your audience. Together, poets Bob Rentschler and Ruelaine Stokes will teach basic oral performance techniques that will infuse verbal magic into any spoken word performance. This workshop will be interactive and allow participants to practice a variety of spoken word techniques. Fun!

Ten Pound Fiddle Concert Series
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